A framework for public computing application development and fleet management

OakOS provides the tools you need to develop engaging and reliable applications and deploy them to your kiosks, digital signage, self-checkout counters, and other public hardware profiles.

Containerize Your Experience

OakOS supports any application that can be built as an ensemble of Docker containers. This gives you lots of flexibility in your choice of software technologies and dependencies. We provide a Node.js+Electron SDK so you can use familiar front-end technologies as a recommended pattern. OakOS itself is designed for minimal disruption to end-users, even in unstable networking situations.

We also provide pre-built software components for applications to address common challenges that you may face. Many of these solutions are open-source.

Manage via APIs

OakOS enables you to manage your manage your hardware units via APIs for deploying applications, configuring hardware such as displays and touch screens, changing network settings, and more. You have access directly over the LAN as well as through our web API. Your deployed applications will have access to the same APIs so they can be designed for more autonomy.

Our web Dashboard helps your team keep track of production units in real-time from anywhere. OakOS also enables you to integrate unit logging and telemetry into any monitoring solutions that your team prefers.


Our online documentation includes tutorials and working examples to guide you towards developing your own custom UX. We can also start you off with a hardware bench-kit to help you explore the capabilities and develop your own software prototype quickly.

The OakOS team is available for technical support, design advice, and feature requests by email and on Slack.

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